Mineral Tank FRP for water treatment media 948 Tank 9" D x 48" H

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Replace damaged tanks
Standard 2.5" opening
9" x 48"

9" x 48" tank is commonly used on .75 ft³ air injection systems, 1.0 ft³ filtering systems, 33K water softeners, and high-flow salt free conditioners

2.5" Opening

2.5" opening accepts most standard control heads, including Fleck, Autotrol, Clack, and most Culligan control heads

9" x 48" mineral and resin tank for use with back washing filters, up flow filters, water softeners, and salt-free water conditioners. 1.0 ft³ filtering systems, 33k water softeners, and high-flow salt free conditioners. Includes base. Riser tube and bottom distributors included.