Well Water Catalytic Carbon Filtration Fleck 2510SXT AIO Digital 1.5 - 1054

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Fleck 2510SXT (AIO)  - Digital Air Injection Oxidation Valve
Catalytic Carbon 1.5 CU FT 

Whole house Catalytic Carbon Oxygen Chamber Systems

Catalytic Carbon 12x40 is a unique catalytic activated carbon that in water treatment for promotion of
oxidation, reduction, decomposition, substitution and eliminations reactions. Specifications applications
includes chloramines and hydrogen sulfides removal/reduction from potable, process and other water 
and peroxide destruction. It's perfect to treat well water systems and is manufactured under controlled

During the backwashing process, the AIO introduces a pocket of fresh air (which is enriched with oxygen)
into the top of the tank. As water passes through pocket, it is infused with oxygen in the fresh air, and the
a special catalytic media is a catalyst between the iron, sulfur and the air. The oxidation process is almost
instantaneous - the iron and sulfur precipitate out and are trapped by the media bed. Some dissolved oxygen
is added to the water supply in the process. The electronic control valve of the AIO filter automatically
backwashes the system to clean the media and flush the precipitated iron and sulfur down the drain.

Advantages: Air Injection handles up to 8 ppm of iron and sulfur, does not require chemicals and do not
need as much backwashing than Filox or Pyrolox. The cost of the system is economical.

Disadvantages: If iron or sulfur bacteria is present, the Air Injection system should not be used.

What is included:

1 - FRP Mineral Tank (Color Varies) 1054 (Includes Distributor Tube Assembly and baskets)
1 - 1.5 Cubic Foot of Catalytic Carbon 12x40 Mesh 55LBS
1 - Fleck 2510 SXT AIO Control Backwash Valve
1 - 1" Bypass Valve


Selecting a water treatment system begins with water test results from a certified drinking water testing lab. Such test results should be compared to the water treatment product specifications to ensure that the treatment system being considered is designed to treat:


The substances you want to treat
In the concentrations at which they exist in your water.                                                                                                                              
There is no one-size-fits-all water treatment technology that addresses all water quality problems. In some cases, one treatment technology may meet all your specific needs. In other cases, you may need a “treatment train”—a series of treatment technologies in a sequence that treat one or more water quality problems. Again, when considering water treatment, use your lab test results as a guide and make sure the technology you are considering is designed to treat the problematic substances in your water.

Items used or installed are not accepted for return.

FRP Tank carries a 10 years warranty. Fleck Control valve carries a manufacturer limited warranty of 5 years. Improper installation or application will void the warranty. No other warranty/performance is expressed or implied. 

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Frequently asked questions:

Fleck AIO Valve
 Q: Is the Fleck AIO Valve made in the USA? 
A: Yes, it is manufactured in the USA of foreign & domestic parts.

Q: Does a system with the Fleck AIO Valve get installed before or after the softener? 
A: The system with the Fleck AIO Valve should be installed before the softener. This ensures the softener and other filter systems are protected by filtering contaminants before the water goes into the softener to be softened.

Q: What control meters are compatible with the Fleck AIO Valve? 
A: The Fleck AIO Valve is available with the Fleck SXT controller only.

Q: How do systems with the Fleck AIO Valve treat iron, manganese, and sulfide? 
A: The valve utilizes an air injection system to remove iron (ferrous or clear water), manganese, and sulfur from the water via both oxidation and filtration.

Q: What is oxidization? 
A: Oxidation is the loss of electrons during a reaction by a molecule, atom or ion. In this process a substance is changed because of the addition of oxygen. When an iron object is oxidized, it goes from a strong metal to a red powder.

 Q: Are chemicals necessary to reduce contaminants when the Fleck AIO Valve is used?
 A: No, because it is using the oxidation process to remove contaminants (oxidation).