Whole house CR26, Aldex Fe, Mn, H2S, & Arsenic Media, 1.5 CF, A4206 ALDEX FT-56 1" Bypass

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Whole House Water Filter Iron, H2S, Arsenic Media 1.5 CuFt

1054 Mineral Tank includes lower & upper basket with distributor tube

AQT-56FT 12 Days Timer Control Backwash Valve

Bypass 1" (3/4" option available)

V]Aldex CR26 is a special media designed to provide excellent catalytic properties required for removal of many contaminants from potable and non-potable aqueous streams. Aldex CR 26 is an insoluble media that oxidizes species in solution including hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese. Metal-oxide nano-particles are precipitated within the resin bed where they form very strong chemical bonds with arsenite (As III) and arsenate (As V). This allows Aldex CR 26 to thoroughly and effectively remove arsenic along with Fe, Mn and H2S.

Chemical Free Regeneration
Aldex CR26 does not require chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, potassium permanganate, chlorine or sodium chloride brine solution for regeneration. The oxidative chemical locked inside Aldex CR 26 beads is regenerated via the dissolved oxygen in the backwash water.

Potable and Non-Potable Water Applications
Aldex CR26 requires less contact time and is like standard softening resins in bulk density and handling making it an ideal choice for point-of-entry (POE) systems. Aldex CR 26 can be backwashed at lower flow rates to achieve ideal bed expansion needed to remove metal-oxide precipitates generated during the service cycle. Aldex CR26 is easy to handle versus other oxidative media and
many naturally occurring zeolites.

Multiple Contaminant Removal
Aldex CR 26 was initially designed for the selective removal of iron and manganese but testing has shown the product to be ideal for multi-contaminant removal. See page 3 of this bulletin for a summary of various tests performed to date.

Expected Service Life
Due to the unique nature of Aldex CR 26 and its function as an oxidizing agent encapsulated within an ion exchange bead, a long service life of 7 to 10 years is expected.

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