4021 SS Housing Assembly, HF5-4021 Membrane 1000 GPD, Flow Assy & Fittings

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1 - HF5-4021 - 1000 GPD Low Pressure Membrane

1 - 4021 SS Membrane Housing Stainless Steel 

1 - 4021 Membrane Housings Strap/Mounting Assy

3 - 3/8" Tube x 1/2" MPT Fittings

1 - 1/2" Plug

1 -  ASV 3/8",  Stainless Steel Adjustable Flow Restrictor, 3/8" Inline Ball valve, black & white 3/8" Tubing. Manual Flush Valve System.

 Axeon HF5-4021 1000 GPD is considered one of the most reliable and highest performing membrane elements.  Tested to perform at the highest levels to meet the high standards for industrial and commercial reverse osmosis systems, these membranes offer fantastic high performance, with stable reliability, and deliver consistent results.

The Axeon HF5 Series Membranes use the industry’s leading membrane film technology because they provide increased water production when operated at a lower applied pressure, as well as having extra low energy consumption and creating high rejection rates.