5 Lbs Bone Char Media Carbon - Kosher Certified 100 % Organic - Flouride Removal

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5 lbs Bone char carbon (Removes-reduces Flouride)

Bone char carbon is a unique carbonaceous adsorbent manufactured from the treatment and carbonization of selected grades of animal bone and is used for liquid phase filtration to remove organic and inorganic species such as color bodies and many heavy metals. Bone char is different from activated carbon in that it contains both carbon surface area and hydroxyapatite lattice surface area.

Features & Benefits:

Fluoride Removal: High capacity for fluoride removal from drinking water
- Superior Taste-Free Effluent: Specially processed to be taste and odor free
- Heavy Metal Removal: Removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc
- Chlorine Removal: Removes chlorine and reduces THM formation potential

Bone Char filter Fluoride Reduction Filter is designed to reduce fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants commonly found in water. This filter uses 100% Bone Char media is FDA approved and is Kosher Certified 100% organic.