Commericial Reverse Osmosis System 2100 - 2400 GPD ROS-IXC-1SS-T

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ROS-IXC-1SS-T Commercial RO System
Production GPD:    2100-2400 GPMD*
Membrane:                4 " x 40" 
Product GPM:            1.4-1.6
Feed Flow GPM:        5
% Recovery:               50-60%
High Pressure Pump: 1.5HP
Inlet Port:                    3/4"
Product Oulet Port:     1/2"
Waste Outlet Port:      1/2"
System Dimension:     20" x 20" x 47"
Weight Lbs:                176
Electrical Power:        120V/220V
* The sytem production rate is based on minimum feed water quality below 1,000 ppm, feed water temp 77F, and SDI < 5. 
Use a suitable pretreatment capable of removing all membrane damaging substances.
Standard Features:
Electrical Power Supply : 120V/220V
Membrane Housing:     Stainless Steel 304
Pump:                           Multistage Goulds
Solenoid valve:             NC,120V brass (BSV-34110V &-10110V)
Connectors:                  High Pressure Quick Connectors
Flow Meters:                 Panel Mount 5 GPM/10 GPM
Pressure Gauges:        0-100 PSI and 0-300 PSI Glycerine filled
Waste & Recirulation:  Stainless Steel 316, Needle Valve (NV-12SS316)
Filter Housings:           HF5-20BLBK34PR or HF45-20BLBK10PR
Cartridge:                    5 micron Polyspun Sediment
Safety Device:             Selector swith 2 positions (OFF/AUTO)
                                    Electrical Contactor: 24 Amps
                                    Low Pressure Switch 2 postions (OFF/AUTO0
                                    Power indicator light: Green LED type
Frame:                        Stainless Steel with powder coated finish
RO Membranes:         Hydron: High Rejection Membrane
Controller:                   Aquatrol Controller (EC 100)
                                   Time Delay
                                   Level Switch
                                   Fast Flush (Optional)
                                   Water Quality (TDS Meter in ppm)
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