Membrane Reverse Osmosis Commercial RO membrane TFC-3013-500 GPD

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500 Gallon Per Day
Membrane Solutions high-quality reverse osmosis membrane can produce 500 gallons purified water per day (20.83 gallons / 78.86 liters per hour). 8 glasses of 8oz cups of water are recommended 1 gallon. You can get a gallon of water in about 3 minutes. You just need to open the faucet of the RO purifier using this RO membrane, you can get drinking water.

High Contaminant Rejection
With 97% salt rejection rate, removes up to 99% of over 1,000 kinds of contaminants from water. This membrane is only 0.1nm, 50 times smaller than even the heavy metals. So these RO membranes can easily remove heavy metal, harmful minerals and other soluble salts from water. Enjoy Your Water with Confidence!

100% Performance and Quality Tested
Membrane Solutions RO membrane uses the most advanced membrane film technology and manufacturing processes, verified by independent laboratory testing. These reverse osmosis membranes are made of the highest quality Polyamide Thin-Film Composite ensures that you get the most filtration and surface area coverage, let you enjoy high-quality taste.

Long Life Service
Recommend replacing every 2~3 years (varies depending on the water quality, temperature, incoming water pressure, etc.).