Counter Top Ultrafiltration System with Fluoride Reduction/Removal - Bone Char

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High Efficiency Ultra Filtration 0.01 Microns System
Water Wise System
No Reject Water Stream like a reverse osmosis
Easy to Set Up and Maintenance

Includes Water Faucet Diverter & Manual Flush Valve (For occasional flushing of the Ultra-Filtration Membrane)

Stage 1
Sediment Filter to remove sand,silt,colloid and other sediment with a diameter more then 5um in feed water.

Stage 2
Bone Char Blend especially effective in removing radioactive particles and is often also been used for filtering a range of toxic heavy metals including lead, aluminum, maganese, silver, as well as non metals including fluoride and bromine.

Stage 3
Ultrafiltration Membrane to remove pathogens and bacteria from water by using physical barrier filtration. Filters down 0.01 microns, so that it can remove dissolved solids, organics, viruses and bacteria etc. There is no wastewater generated like with a reverse osmosis and the system will not remove minerals. This system will give you good filtered water quality with no downside. Periodic flushing of the UF Membrane is recommended to remove contaminants and a manual flush valve is built in to the system.

Stage 4
Granular Carbon Filter to remove chlorine VOC's, pesticides. To absorb odor and polish the water for a sparkling taste.

Unit is ready to install to your faucet with feed water diverter (13/16") and also includes adapter for female thread.