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Whole House Water Filtration 20"x4.5" Filters features:

(2) 20"x 4.5" Water Filter Cartridges that are designed for high-flow water filtration applications. Unique wide cartridges are capable of
filtering enough water for a house, apartment, office & light commercial.

Stage 1 - Sediment Water Filter Cartridge 5 Micron
Sediment Filters are primarily used to remove silt, sand and other particulate matter from water.

Stage 2 - Multi-Stage KDF 85 & GAC Coconut Shell Cartridge
Reduces chlorine taste and odor, water soluble heavy metals, controls scale, bacteria and algae in your water. KDF is patented medium that
consists of high purity copper - zinc granules that use redox (exchange of electrons) to effectively reduce chlorine and heavy metals as well
as controlling microorganisms in potable water.

Heavy Duty Design
Pressure Release Valve
Wall Bracket
1" NPT input/output (water line diameter)
Sediment Filter
KDF85 - GAC Filter
Housing Wrench
2 - 1" X 2" Connector (PVC)
8 - Housings Mounting Screws
Assembly Required.

KDF media effectively reduces dissolved iron and hydrogen sulfide odor. Protecting your plumbing system including toilets, bath tubs, showers and appliances such as clothes washer and
dishwasher from unsightly staining and odor. The GAC activated carbon removes organic contaminants to substantially improve water clarity, taste, VOC's etc.

This system should be used where low to moderate ferrous (dissolved) iron and hydrogen sulfide contaminants is know. The filter is most effective where iron and
hydrogen sulfide levels are less the 5 ppm. Best removal rates are achieved where pH is between 6.5 and 8.5 and where water contains some dissolved oxygen.