Fine Mesh Upper Basket for Fleck, Clack, and Autotrol Valves-Fits 1.05" Risers

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Upper Basket - Upper basket installs on the bottom of many Fleck, Clack, and Autotrol control valves to help prevent media getting pushed into plumbing due to pressure bursts and incorrect plumbing.
Fine Mesh - Smaller slits allow for use with fine mesh resin.
1.05" Diameter - Will fit most control valves (please check the diameter of your riser tube before purchasing to ensure that it will work).
Twist-On Style - The twist-on basket has tabs that lock into place when the basket is inserted and twisted. They are sometimes referred to as bayonet style baskets. Some older baskets only pushed in and don't have the tabs that allow it to be twisted and locked into place.
The Top Distributor Basket is a twist on style for Fleck, Clack, and Autotrol valves that fits a standard riser tube of 1.05" diameter. This top distributor basket is designed for the smaller diameter fine mesh resin, and has smaller slits than the standard basket to prevent fine mesh resin from exiting your mineral tank.
Please Note: This is designed for water softeners with fine mesh resin and is not recommended for other filter medias.