Inline Water Filter 2" x 10" (1/4"FPT) KDF55, NPH Alkaline, Infra red, Hydrogen Balls, Silver Ion

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Inline Alkaline Ionizer 2" x 10" (1/4" FPT)


KDF-55 water treatment media was designed specifically for removing or reducing chlorine taste and odor and water-soluble heavy metals. KDF-55 filter media also controls scale, bacteria and algae, even in hot water. KDF-55 media can remove up to 99% of water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals. KDF55 process media is effective in controlling the buildup of bacteria, algae, fungi, and scale.

MPH Alkaline Ceramic balls

Produce Alkaline water with pH 8-10

Mineral Water

Neutralize acid water, condensate water etc

ORP (-50mv)

High Hardness

Diameter: 1-20mm

Far Infra Red Ceramic Balls

100% Genuine far infrared material

Alkaline water with pH 7.5~8

Mineral Water

Permanent far infrared ray

Diameter  1~20mm

Hydrogen Water Ceramic ball Negative MV600 Potential

Hydrogen (1200 ppb Max)

ORP (-600mv Max)

Alkaline water pH 8-10

Mineral Water

Anti-oxidant water

Micro-clustered water

Diameter: 1-10mm

Silver Ions Ball - Anti Bacterial

Silver ion ceramic ball is developed for drinking water purifier companies, water plants, water treatment plants, it is a new type of antibacterial filtering water purification product.

Nano Silver Ceramic Balls are rich of silver ions which are all over micropores' specific area. Silver ions kill bacteria and deter bacterial growth by breaking down organic compounds.

This water purifier stone can produce alkaline water, neutralize water PH value.