POE Water Filter - KDF85/55 Media Guard - Bone Char/Catalytic Carbon Filter Backwash Valve FT56 2 CF

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  1. Whole-House Filter or Point of Entry:

A whole-house filter is installed at a point on the home’s water supply plumbing that will result in treatment of all water that travels to any faucet or fixture in the home.

A whole-house filter system treats all water traveling to any faucet or fixture in the home. It removes the chemical before it can be ingested, breathed in, or absorbed by the skin during washing or bathing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Catalytic Activity – Promotes a wide variety of chemical reactions where conventional carbons are not effective
  • Non-Impregnated – Eliminates sates concerns with exotherm, ignition temperature and disposal
  • On-Site Regeneration Capability – Reduced operating cost, extended service life
  • Thermal Reactivation Option – can be recycled and reused
  • High Conversion Rates – Efficient use of reactants
  • Simple Equipment design – Handles fluctuating inlet concentrations, replaces more costly technologies with a passive system
  • Faster Chemical Reaction Rates – Reduced carbon requirements, smaller equipment needed

Recycling and Reactivation:

Though Catalytic Carbon 100-percent freshly manufactured virgin GAC, it can be recycled and reused through thermal reactivation to restore its adsorptive capacity. This eliminates the costs and long-term liability associated with the disposal of spent GAC, and provides customers with a consistent, reliable supply of filtration media.


  • Chloramines
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Taste and Odor
  • VOC Removal
  • Iron Removal
  • Residential and Commercial Water Filters
  • Aquarium water treatment


One of the key characteristics of activated carbon is not only the high surface area available relative to their mass, but also the ability to act as a substrate for other materials. Internal surface area in the range of 850-2000m2/g allows the concentrated loading of highly specialized reagents (for example platinum and rhodium for hydrogenation processes) to the carbon surface that can be used in synthesis and catalysis applications across a range of industries. Activated carbons from Catalytic Carbons are carefully engineered to have the correct physical properties to optimize their use in this duty, manufactured from coconut shell, coal or wood bases.

Similarly, the unique reactive nature of the internal surface of activated carbon means that there is an inherent ability for the promotion of reactions between gases and liquids that would either proceed too slowly or generate uneconomic yields of final product. This is achieved without the need for the addition of a chemical reagent to the activated carbon and often true catalysis proceeds, without degradation of the surface or adsorbent.

Catalytic Carbons are engineered with specific characteristics making them ideally suited to use in all sectors of the catalysis market.

Bone Char:

  • Removes or Reduces Fluoride
  • Removes 4,665ppm of fluoride

KDF55/85 Media Guard: 2 Chambers each of KDF55 & KDF85


v KDF 55 Process Media can remove up to 99% of water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals.

KDF Process Media are high-purity copper-zinc granules that use redox (the exchange of electrons) to remove chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, water-soluble heavy metals and microorganisms from water.

KDF-85 Tier1 water treatment media will help to reduce iron and hydrogen sulfide, while controlling scale, bacteria, fungi and algae. This treatment media has also been proven effective at reducing water soluble metals, including lead and mercury. Ideal for use with GAC beds, ion exchange resins, carbon block filters or inline carbon filters, and with both city and well water.

v KDF process media to safely reduce or remove chlorine, iron, heavy metals, bacteria

v Great additive for filter tanks, use 5-10 pounds in a standard whole house filter carbon tank

v Natural, no chemicals, long lasting

v Patented KDF process media are 100 percent recyclable and contain no chemical additives

v KDF Process Media enhance the performance, extend the life, reduce the maintenance and lower the total cost of many available carbon-based systems.

v KDF Process Media help control microorganisms by creating an environment that’s deadly to some microorganisms and that interferes with the ability of many other microorganisms to function. Either way, the use of KDF Process Media results in the total elimination of some contaminants and a great reduction of a wide variety of others.

v Significantly extend the life of granular activated carbon | Recyclable Product | Effectively remove chlorine and heavy metals and control microorganisms


1 - 1252 FRP Tank

1 - 2 CU FT Blended Bone Char/Catalytic Carbon

1 - KDF85/55 4 Chambers

1 - FT-56 Filter Backwash Valve with Black Cover

1 - Bypass Valve 1"