Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Permeate Pump 2 Gallon RO Tank

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Compact Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 50 GPD

Great Compact Under Sink Reverse Osmosis.

4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

14"x 6" x 6" Footprint RO Module

1st Stage in line Sediment Filter 2"x10"

2nd Stage in line Carbon/GAC Filter 2"x10"

3rd Stage Membrane TFC-2012-50 GPD

4th Stage Post Alkaline pH Filter 2"x10"

Included with this unit:

1 - ERP500 Permeate Pump

1 RO Water Storage Tank 2 Gallon (8"Dx10"H)

1 Auto Shut Off Valve

1 Check Valve

1 Tank Valve

1 Feed Water Adapter 1/2"MIP  x 1/2"FIP x 1/4" OD tubing

1 Standard Non Airgap Faucet

Red Tube to Feed Water (Adapter)

Blue Tube to RO Tank Valve

Black Tube is Waste Water (Saddle Valve)

White Tube is RO Product Water - Standard RO Faucet

Shipped Pre-assembled - Easy Push in for the tubes.

The Aquatec ERP-500 Permeate Pump will bring storage tanks up to line pressure, then shut the system down when the tank reaches capacity, removing the need for a hydraulic shut-off valve. Permeate pumps also deliver faster RO water production, higher delivery pressures, superior water quality, and extended filter/membrane capacity.


  • No electricity required. The Aquatec ERP-500 is powered by hydraulic energy from the brine water that is usually lost to the drain.
  • No loud clicking or gurgling sounds. This pump is specifically designed for residential applications where noise is a key concern. The ERP-500 includes a specially designed insert . The Permeate Pump pushes more purified water into the storage tank, reducing membrane back pressure, therefore maximizing available product tank pressure (up to 95% of feed pressure).
  • Improved efficiency. This pump dramatically improves the membrane's production, reducing waste-water by 80% or more. Basically, if an R.O. system requires 10 gallons of tap water to produce 1 gallon of pure water (10:1), the Permeate Pump should reduce this ratio below 3:1. It also decreases product tank “fill time" by up to 65%.

Additional Features:

  • Improves membrane life, prevents “TDS creep"
  • For all membranes rated 10 - 50 GPD
  • Effective for inlet water pressures as low as 30 PSI
  • Compact size for easy installation