PremierSoft SCALE PREVENTION Water conditioner KIT SP3 MEDIA 20 GPM

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FilterSorb SP3 is an innovative Media that prevents all of the negative effects of Calcium and Magnesium, while maintaining positive Health Benefits.

Filtersorb transforms Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate into stable crystals and are rinsed away which stops lime and scale build up on pipes, fixtures, valves and heating elements. The end result is conditioned water with minerals, not "soft water" but water containing the same mineral content as the source.

Kit includes

  • FilterSorb Media
  • Mineral Tank
  • Distributor Assembly
  • In/Out Tank Head
  • By-Pass Valve
  • Adapters
FilterSorb SP3 Specifications:

Temperature Range - 41F to 149F
pH Range - 6.5 to 8.5
Chlorine - No greater then 3ppm
Iron - No greater then .4ppm
Hydrogen Peroxide - No greater then .5ppm
Manganese - No greater then 0.05ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide - Must be removed prior to use
Poly-phosphates - Must be removed prior to use
Grains of Hardness - 100 Grains (any application over 2 Grains contact for sizing ability.)

FilterSorb SP3 Installation Recommendations

FilterSorb SP3 operates in the "UPPER FLOW" mode only.

The Tank Connections are normally opposite from the standard down flow configuration.

FilterSorb SP# systems are only partly filled with media to allow adequate free board.

It is recommended that you soak the media for 60-120 minutes prior to start-up. This assures that the media is saturated with water and will not accumulate or clump.

FilterSorb Sp3 systems must use an upper slotted basket.FilterSorb Sp3 Systems must be the last form or water treatment equipment installed with the exception of RO and POU systems.

It is recommended that FilterSorb SP3 system be used with Pre Carbon Filtration to reduce the negative effects of high chlorine* if applicable