Reverse Osmosis 6 Stages RO & 2 Stages DI Add on Stages-6 Gallon Tank- Pentair Gro-EN75 Membrane

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 6 Stages - with Dual DI Add on Stage


Stage 1 - Sediment Water Filter 5 Mic
Stage 2 - Sediment Water FIlter 1 Mic
Stage 3 - GAC Coconut Shell Carbon
Stage 4 - Carbon Block Water FIlter 5 Mic
Stage 5 - Pentair GRO-EN 75 GPD Membrane
Stage 6 - Post Carbon GAC Inline Water Filter to RO Faucet

Stage 7/8 - Dual DI Add On Water Filter (2) Color Changing DI Cartridge.

RO Faucet, 2 Inline Ball Valve, Feed Water Adapter 1/2" MIP x 1/2" FIP x 1/4" OD Tube
Push in Type quick connect, drain saddle valve 1/4" Push in Type quick connect, auto shut
off valve, ro tank valve,standard ro faucet (Chrome finish). All tubings (Color Coded).
Manual Flush Valve,ro housing wrench,check valve on membrane,inline flow restrictor.
RO Tank 6 Gallon - ROT-6
Standard Hardware included for standard DIY Install.