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Automatic Shut Off Valve

This sale is for one (1) automatic shut off valve for a reverse osmosis water purifying unit. This valve is designed to automatically shut off the production of purified water when the storage tank pressure reaches approximately 65% of the source (incoming) water line pressure.

The auto shut off valve is easy to install. Note the "in and out" on the bottom. The screws are on the top. Therefore, the top side is the low pressure side and the bottom is the high pressure side. Therefore, the water coming from the filter housing is to be connected to the bottom "in" side of the valve. The bottom "out" side goes to the membrane "in" side. The membrane "out" connects to the line which goes to the top "in" side of the auto shut off valve. The top "out" side of the auto valve needs to have the line connected to it which goes to the storage tank.

If you are not certain which is top and which is bottom of the auto shut off valve, note that you can see through from the "in" to the "out" side of the top (low pressure) but you will not be able to see through the bottom (high pressure) portion of the valve.