Reverse Osmosis Membrane TFC-3213-800 Commercial Membrane

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1.Product Spec 

3012, 3213 series membranes are designed for medium size commercial application, they are the core parts of commercial water machines and pure water systems which are widely used at hospital, school, factory and laboratory.

While the source water salinity is below 2000 ppm, TFC series of membrane can be used for salt rejection treatment of all kinds of below the surface water, groundwater, tap water and municipal water. TFC membranes are mainly used in pure water, boiler feed water, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing industries and many other kinds of fields.   

2.Specification & Performance

Model TFC-3012-200



TFC-3213-800 RT-3020-HF
Performance Stable salt rejection 97 97
Minimum salt rejection 95 95 95 95
95 97
Average permeate flow GPD(L/d) 200(760) 300(1135) 400(1512) 600(2270) 800(3030) 600(2280)
Effective area of membrane ft²(m²) 10(1.0) 14(1.4) 16(1.92) 27.5(2.56) 34(3.2) 26(2.4)

Testing Condition

Testing pressure 65psi(0.45Mpa)
Testing temperature 25℃ 25℃
Concentration of testing solution (NaCl) 500ppm 500ppm
PH value of testing solution 6.5-7.5 6.5-7.5
Recovery rate of single membrane element 15 15
Maximum operating condition Max operating pressure 300psi(2.07Mpa) 300psi(2.07Mpa)
Max feedwater temperature 45℃ 45℃
Max SDI of feedwater 5 5
Max concentration of free chlorine <0.1ppm <0.1ppm
PH value range of continual feedwater 3~10 3~10
PH value range of income water when chemical cleaning 2~12 2~12
The maximum pressure drop of single membrane 10psi(0.07Mpa) 10psi(0.07Mpa)