Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 4 Stage Water Filter System 50 GPD Membrane

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RO systems give you clean drinking water at home without bottles or water delivery services.

Our 4 Stage TWP Series reverse osmosis system is one of the best water systems available, it has four stages, sediment water filter, carbon water filter, RO membrane, and post carbon filter for pure, great tasting water at an economical price.  This system removes 96-98% of all contaminants, chemicals, solids, odors, bad tastes, bacteria, and heavy metals.  


RO systems come with all filters, reverse osmosis membrane, quick connect fittings, feed supply, drain connector, 3 gallon steel tank, chrome faucet, all tubing needed for installation,


Our 4 Stage reverse osmosis system reduces and eliminates arsenic, chlorine, lead, mercury, bacteria, metals, chloroform, fluoride, nitrates, TDS, and nearly all other contaminants.

  1. Sediment Filter: Removes dirt, sand, rust, and any other sediments or physical particles
  2. Carbon Filter: Removes chlorine, chloramines, tastes, odors, and other chemicals
  3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane: Removes 93-97% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and other contaminants
  4. Carbon Post Filter: Removes dissolved gasses, tastes, and odors that may be present in the holding tank