Titan 844 Rinse System Spot Free Rinse DI Resin (Car Wash, Window Wash)

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Get 3,000 gallons of DI water per cubic foot of resin based on incoming water of 110 ppm TDS.

 The Titan 844 System  is a fiberglass, professional-grade water treatment tank, capable of being  mounted alongside your pressure washer on a trailer or on a dolly.

The Titan 844 System special feature has an exclusive By-Pass built into the head which takes the hassle out of changing the hoses.  This saves the D.I. Resin.

To get started on your first rinse, prepare your soap and use raw water.  Be sure to close the by-pass valves.  For your final rinse, open the valves and you will have D.I. water!

Flow Rate: 10gpm
Size8″ X 44″

The Titan 844 comes with:

  • .75 cubic foot DI already pre loaded in the Mineral Tank
  • 8" x 44" Mineral Tank (Color Varies).
  • By-pass
  • PVC in and out fittings for garden hose hookup 3/4"