Titan Water Heavy Duty Counter Top Reverse Osmosis ALKALINE Water Filter 75GPD

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Titan Water Pro Heavy Duty Counter Top Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Great Counter Top / Portable Reverse Osmosis ALKALINE Water Filter System


1st Stage Sediment Water Filter 2.5"x12" (Rated 2500 Gallons)
Sediment Filter is a polypropylene sediment filter with a high dirt holding capacity

2nd Stage Carbon GAC Water Filter 2.5"x12" (Rated 2500 Gallons)Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction
Made with Premium Quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
No Release of Carbon Fines
2500 Gallon capacity @ 1 PPM Chlorine with 98% chlorine removal at end of cartridge life.
Flow rate: 1 GPM
Cartridge is designed for use in Reverse Osmosis Applications.

3rd Stage RO Membrane 75 GPD (TFC-1812-75)

4th Stage Alkaline pH enhancer Filter

The Alkaline filter changes the acidic RO water into a perfect Natural Alkali Calcium Ionized Water. The Alkaline filter simply gives back minerals such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ion, which were taken away while purifying the water. The Alkaline filter is effective and give the water pH value of 8.00~9.50
    • Produces perfectly ph-balanced alkaline water, helps minimize the fluctuations of your body's pH.
    • Makes the water cleaner and healthier.
  • This filter improves the qualities of clean water by adding necessary for proper human development and health minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium and others readily found in many natural mineral waters.
  • Mainly installed with REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER SYSTEMS
  • 5th STAGE: INLINE CARBON FILTER- for taste and odor regulation

This unit includes all the above plus feed water faucet diverter for easy connect to your faucet (Replaces the aerator) with on & off lever, spout for water dispensing, FDA food grade tubing, all quick connect fittings and set up guide. Easy Set up.