Water Filter Cartridge CB-25-2005 Carbon Block Filter 2.5" X 20" 5 Micron

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 CB-25-2005 Carbon Block Filter 2.5" X 20" 5 Micron Water Filter

  • The  CB-25-2005 Carbon Block Water Filter is made from high purity coconut shell carbon.
  • The CB-25-2005 Carbon Block Filter can also be used in a variety of locations, including food services, commercial, industrial sites, and for home use.
  • This  CB-25-2005 filter reduces sediment, certain VOC's (volatile organic compound), chlorine taste and odor from drinking water.
  • This CB-25-2005 filter also replaces GAC filters (Granular Activated Carbon) and PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon) filters.
  • The  CB-25-2005 can be used as a replacement for Liquatec CB-250-20-05.