Water Filters Combo Set Sediment/Carbon/KDF55-GAC (20"x4.5") Big Blue Housing

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  • First Filter is a 5 MICRON SEDIMENT FILTER 20"X4.5"

Sediment cartridge filters are primarily used to remove silt, sand or other particulate matter from water.

  • Second Filter Cartridge is a multi-stage filter that consists of KDF55/GAC


  • REDUCES chlorine taste and odor, water-soluble heavy metals, and controls scale, bacteria, and algae in your water.
  • KDF is a patented medium that consists of high purity copper-zinc granules that use redox (exchange of electrons) to effectively reduce chlorine and heavy metals as well as controlling micro organisms in potable water.
  • 4 LBS OF KDF55
  • www.kdttf.com
  • http://www.kdfft.com/HowItWorks.htm
  • Third Filter Cartridge is a Carbon Block filter
    • Carbon Block Filter 20"x4.5"

  • Carbon Block strains out sediment, dirt, bacteria, microscopic worms, algae, asbestos and cryptosporidium. With water pressure, this compacted solid carbon block is designed to filter sub micron size particles. This micro straining of the water will provide clean and clear drinking water.