Water Heater Saver Scale Prevention System - Scale Defender (Scale & Corrosion)

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Water Heater Saver Scale Prevention System


Water Heater Saver Filter System ~ Great for tankless water heater.
A cost effective way to reduce lime scale damage, corrosion and extend
the life of your water heating systems and appliances.

Scale Defender is a point of use system installed at the cold water line
right before the tankless water heater or standard water heater.

5 Micron Sediment Filter with tested and proven German Siliphos scale
inhibitor down the center allows higher loading capacity, increased particle
removal, lower initial pressure drop and higher flow rates.

2-1/2" x 20" System with 3/4" ports (8-10 gpm)

System protects the heat exchanger and other parts against corrosion from
lime scale (minerals).

This system works by using a high capacity filter that removes silt, dirt,rust,and sediment
. The water passes through scale inhibitor chamber to prevent mineral from sticking to the tank and tankless water heater.

It also includes a Bracket, Screws for easy installation & wrench.

This system prevents Limescale Build up

Extends life of Water Heater and tankless water Heater

Helps to have cleaner dishes By preventing scaling in your dish washer

Helps prevents scaling on your plumbing fixtures

Protect your investment of any Water Heater and appliance with hot water application,

Protect your appliances

Please remove the wrapping from the filter when installing.