Water Softener 48K Fleck 5800SXT Meter Valve 1054 Bypass Valve 1"

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1054 Water Softener 48000 Grain - Fleck 5800SXT Meter Softener Valve with 1" Bypass Valve

Simple, reliable, and easy-to-use, the Fleck 5800 Electronic Meter-Demand Valve is one of the most popular systems used throughout the world today.

Advanced technology for advanced performance! The time-tested Fleck 5800 gives the user the benefit of unique programming and diagnostic features. One key NEW feature is the on-board capacitor, which keeps the correct time during a power outage for up to 48 hours! You may also program the system’s regeneration sequence individually to maximize efficiency and keep water use to a minimum. Also, the system keeps time electronically, so the drive motor only runs during regeneration, saving the possibility of motor burn-outs, and running more reliably.

The 5800 Electronic Meter-Demand system can cut salt and water use by as much as 40%! Unlike timer-based systems, the meter-demand system regenerates only when necessary. The end result? Significant savings in both water and salt.

System Specifications:

  • Regen Type: Meter Initiated (0-9,999 gal)
  • Timer Type: Electronic
  • Cycle Type: 5-Cycle Adjustable
  • Service Flow Rate: 21 GPM
  • Backwash Rate: 17 GPM
What is included:

1  1054 FRP Tank (Color Varies)
1  1.5 Cu Ft  Premium Softener Resin 10% Cross Link
1  Fleck 5800 Water Softener Valve
1  Bypass Valve 1" (3/4" Bypass available)
1  Brine Tank Assembly
1  Upper Basket
Tank is shipped preloaded with Softener Resin, Distributor Tube Assembly