Well Water Dual Whole House KDF85 GAC Carbon & Softener System - Fleck 5600 SXT Digital

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Well Water Dual System - KDF85/Coconut Shell Carbon 2 Cu FT

Water Softer - 2 Cu Ft Softener Resin Premium 10% Cation

Point-of-Entry water treatment system is installed on your side of the meter with the express purpose of treating all of the incoming water before it goes into the individual supply lines that feed your laundry, bathrooms (including toilets), dedicated outside faucets and others as well as your kitchen. POE systems often include softeners, large bed carbon filters, and some systems which are specifically designed to remove (or trap) sediment, foul tastes and odors. POE systems are sometimes considered pre-filters.

Whole House Water Filter With consistently superior KDF85 medium is a economical pretreatment unit which is able to turn your water filter in to a high performance water filtration system by by reducing chlorine, heavy metals and inhibits bacteria growth from water without adding chemicals. KDF 55 & KDF 85 process media can remove up to 99% of water soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, chlorine and Hydrogen Sulfide and other dissolved metals. All KDF process media forms are effective in controlling the build up of bacteria, algae, fungi and scale, make the ideal for use in GAC beds, ion exchange resins, carbon block filters and inline carbon filters. 

Wherever KDF  Media are used, they can eliminate the need for costly and sometimes harmful chemical treatments. KDF Fluid Treatment - kdfft.com is a technological leader in  the fluid treatment industry. KDF process media are high purity copper-zinc formulations used in pre treatment, primary treatment and waste water applications. KDF media supplement or replace existing technologies to extend system life, reduce heavy metals, microorganisms, scale, lower total cost and decrease maintenance.

KDF process media are recyclable and contain no chemical additives. Homes, hospitals, restaurants,municipal water treatment facilities rely on KDF process media to safely reduce or remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and bacteria from water.

Media-Guard KDF85 is for well water and removes/reduces soluble iron, hydrogen sulfate, chlorine, heavy metals from water and bacteriostatic. Good tasting water throughout the whole house. No maintenance needed on media-guard system.

2 CU FT Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon

 Carbon is a substance that has a long history of being used to absorb impurities and is perhaps the most powerful absorbent known to man. One pound of carbon contains a surface area of roughly 125 acres and can absorb literally thousands of different chemicals. Activated carbon which has a slight electro-positive charge added to it, making it even more attractive to chemicals and impurities. As the water passes over the positively charged carbon surface, the negative ions of the of the contaminants are drawn to the surface of the carbon granules. Activated carbon filters used for home water treatment typically contain either granular activated carbon or powdered block carbon. Although both are effective, carbon block filters generally have a higher contaminant removal ratio. The two most important factors affecting the efficiency of activated carbon filtration are the amount of carbon in the unit and the amount of time the contaminant spends in contact with it. the more carbon the better. Similarly, the lower the flow rate of the water, the more time contaminants will be in contact with the carbon, and the more absorption that will take place. Particle size also affects removal rates. The most common carbon types used in water filtration are bituminous, wood, and coconut shell carbons. While coconut shell carbon typically costs 20% more than the others, it is generally regarded as the most effective of the three. All of our activated carbon filters use coconut shell carbon. There are two principal mechanisms by which activated carbon removes contaminants from water; absorption, and catalytic reduction, a process involving the attraction of negatively-charged contaminants ions to the positively-charged activated carbon. Organic compounds are removed by absorption and residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines are removed by catalytic reduction. Activated carbon filtration is very common in a number of home water treatment systems. It can be used as a stand alone filter to reduce or eliminate bad tastes and odors, chlorine, and many organic contaminants in municipal (pre-treated or chlorinated) water supplies to produce a significantly improved drinking water. Activated carbon filters remove/reduce many volatile organic chemicals (VOC), pesticides and herbicides, as well as chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane (THM) compounds, radon, solvents and hundreds of other man-made chemicals found in tap water.

Water Softener:

Unit: 2

Whole House TWP Water Softener - Fleck 5600SXT Digital Meter Softener - Bypass Valves 1" - 1252 Tank

Whole House Water Softener System

This Fleck Built water softener system is powered by a Fleck 5600 SXT digital meter.  Fleck is the most popular digital meter on the market today.

The backlit LCD display and user friendly interface makes it very easy to operate.  This is a complete system except for needing the drain line and salt.

Tank Size

60,000 grain unit = 12x52" tank and standard brine tank

Resin Type
Our standard high capacity resin (up to 1-3 PPM of Iron)

Features & Benefits:

  • Continuous service flow rate of 20 GPM with a backwash of 7 GPM

  • Time-tested, hydraulically-balanced piston for service and regeneration

  • Backwash capability accommodates softener tanks up to 12" and filter up to 10" in diameter

  • Diagnostics for historical valve performance

  • Fully adjustable 3- or 5-cycle control for efficient and reliable water treatment system

  • LCD display alternates between time of day, volume remaining or days until regeneration

  • Super capacitor for keeping time of day during power outage

  • Programming stored in memory and will not be lost due to power outages 

  • Options

  • Filter or softener control valves

  • Downflow double backwash cam for reduced hardness leakage

  • Downflow co-current or upflow counter-current regeneration

  • Swivel attachment for 360° rotation of power head

  • Brine cam auxiliary switch

  • Plumbing connections in 3/4" to 1-1/4" NPT, BSP, and sweat

  • Fiber-reinforced polymer or stainless steel bypass valve

  • Programmable regeneration types for increased flexibility

  • SXT-Large LCD display and user selectable time clock or metered function,usable for filtration and softener systems.


2 - FRP Tanks 1252

2 - Bypass Valves 1"

1 - Brine Tank Assy (For Salt or Potassium)

2 - Cuft GAC Coconut Shell Carbon (Preloaded in tank)

2 - Cuft Premium Water Softener Exchange Resin (Preloaded in tank)

1 - Fleck 5600 SXT Digital Filter Back Wash Valve 

1 - Fleck 5600 SXT Digitial Meter Valve Softener Unit

1 - KDF85 MediaGuard installed in Carbon Tank