Whole home nitrate select resin, water softener 2.5 CU Ft with Brine Tank

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  • These automatic nitrate removal systems reduce nitrate levels by up to 90% when properly sized and maintained
  • Regenerate with common water softening salt. No toxic chemicals necessary.
  • Reliable 5600SXT Meter on-demand control valve automatically backwashes and cleans the nitrate filter based on the amount of water you use, saving salt and water
  • The 5600SXT control valve is made from non-corrosive UV-resistant Noryl has a simple mechanical design that is easy to understand and program
  • High Capacity NSF certified nitrate removal resin filter media included.
  • Fully adjustable backwash and rinse cycles to save water and allow maximized performance
  • Time-tested, hydraulically balanced backwash piston seal and spacers. Easy to change and service.
  • 2.5 CT  Purolite Nitrate Select Ion Exchange media
  • The Purolite A520E Nitrate Select resin is 44 pounds of macroporous strong base anion resin, manufactured especially for nitrate removal from potable water. The macroporous matrix works together with a high-functioning ion exchange group to provide you with ideal nitrate selectivity. This product will give you superior performance in nitrate reduction, compared with standard exchange resins.

    • Specially designed to remove nitrates from drinking water
    • Ideal nitrate selectivity
    • Effective even in water supplies with moderate to high levels of sulphate
    • Genuine OEM Product
    • 1354 FRP Tank
    • 14" x 33" Brine Tank
  • Treatment of Aluminum

    Aluminum can be removed from water by a cation exchanger but hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid must be used for regeneration to remove the aluminum from the resin. Reverse Osmosis will reduce the aluminum content of drinking water by over 98%. Distillation will reduce the aluminum content of water by over 99%. Electrodialysis is also very effective in the reduction of aluminum.