Whole House (POE) Fluoride reduction/removal Water FIlter System with Fleck 5600 Filter Backwash System

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Whole House (POE) Activated alumina media for Fluoride Removal 1 cu ft. - 948 FRP Tank, Fleck 5600 Backwash Valve

Our Whole-House Fluoride System uses premium-grade activated alumina media to effectively remove fluoride from the water throughout the entire home. This is important because fluoride exposure doesn't just occur from drinking water but also from inhalation through the lungs and absorption through your skin. Designed specifically for whole house filtration, this system supports a high service flow rate per bed size with superior particle strength to sustain regular backwashing.

We use premium activated aluminum AA400 which has a very high capacity for fluoride adsorption and was specifically designed to remove soluble fluoride from water. This porous media has a large surface-area-to-weight ratio which greatly improves metal adsorption and lasts up to 4-6 years under general tap water fluoride levels (1ppm), making it one of the most effective and longest lasting fluoride filters available on the market.

Designed to be the ultimate fluoride removal solution, the Whole-House Fluoride system incorporates an pre-programed electronic control head to automatically backwash and redistribute the media on a regular basis. This self-cleaning feature greatly enhances its performance and service life while eliminating the extra costs, maintenance and need for pre filters. It is truly a set and forget it system! You will be able to protect your family from the harmful effects of fluoridated water at every faucet and outlet in your home for many years to come!


1 948 FRP Tank (Color Varies)

1 Cu Ft AA400 Activated Alumina

1 Fleck 5600 Timer Backwash 110V

1 Lower Basket, Distributor Tube & Upper Basket

1 Bypass Valve for 1" Pipe Connection

1 Gravel Bedding

Filter Media: Activated Alumina

Feedwater pH 5-8pH

Media Activity Temp: Min. 17c (35F)

Activated Alumina AA400G for Potable Water and a cleaner environment.

  • Lowest cost per 1,000 gallons generated by high capacity and low cost per cubic foot.
  • Robust material will not deteriorate with backwash.
  • Works across a broad range of water chemistries.
  • Iron levels do not affect the arsenic capacity.
  • Landfillable, disposable without any hazardous wastes.
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI standard 61, and successfully completed an EPA ETV project.

Fluoride & Arsenic Removal for Water Treatment

  • Activated Alumina – is an adsorbent of metals including fluoride from potable water. Regeneration is normally used to operate at the most cost efficient levels.
  • Activated Alumina – is used to simultaneously lower fluoride and arsenic to acceptable levels in one treatment.