Whole House Sediment Water Filtration Filter Well/Municipal - FM20 Backwash Valve - 1.5 CF Turbidex Media

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Whole House Sediment Water Filtration Filter Well/Municipal - FM20 Backwash Valve - Turbidex Media


Whole House Sediment Removal Filtration System 

This systems includes the following:

1 FRP Mineral Tank 1054

1 FM-20 Timer Backwash Valve 110V - 1" Pipe Connection

1.5 Cu Ft of Turbidex Media 

Distributor Tube, Lower & Upper Basket


Whole-House Filtration

Use as pre treatment 


Hyper Filtration Efficiency - With filtration efficiency in the 3 to 5 micron range, Tubidex’s enhanced performance results in down stream cost savings for chemicals, filter cartridges, membrane cleaning, membrane life, etc.

Higher Flow Rates - With nominal service flow rates up to 15 gpm/ft2 in pressure filters, Turbidex™ allows significant savings in initial equipment costs when compared to traditional medias. Turbidex™ allows for peak flow rates up to 20 gpm/ft2 Turbidex

Superior Water Clarity - Traditional sediment filtration media rely on mechanical straining to remove suspended solids for turbidity reduction. Turbidex™ filtration media incorporates straining as well as ion exchange, sedimentation and flocculation to produce crystal clear water down to <0.1 NTU of turbidity.

Water Savings - The loading capacity of Turbidex™ media is up to 1.5 times greater than multi-media and up to 2.8 times greater than sand filters. This results in longer run times with less frequent backwashing, resulting in significant water savings.

Lightweight Media - Weighing 50-70% less than traditional medias, using Turbidex™ will result in substantial freight savings.

Operating Parameters
Bed depth: 30 - 48 inches
Freeboard: 50% of bed depth
Flow rate: 12 - 20 gpm/ ft2
Backwash rate: 14 - 18 gpm/ ft2
Replacement media ratio : 1:1

Physical Characteristics
Color: off-White
Surface area: 14 to 25 m2/g
Mesh Size: 14 x 30
Uniformity Coefficient: 1.64

Deep bed filtration results in superior water quality and reduces load on downstream equipment, High sediment removal capacity results in longer filter runs. High Service flow rates result in lower equipment costs and smaller foot print. 

High-Flow System

Sediment (floating particulates, sand, clay, etc.) and turbidity (suspended solids that cause cloudiness) are common problems in a wide variety of water situations. Removal of these contaminates provides clearer, cleaner water.

Backwashing sediment filters offer a distinct advantage over typical cartridge filter systems with significantly reduced maintenance requirements. Since the system automatically backwashes itself there are no filters to change, which not only cuts down on maintenance time but costs as well.

Service Flows

Service flow rate is the manufacturers recommendation for maximum filtration at a constant flow. Considerably higher rates are frequently used with successful results.