Whole House Water Softener - 60 K - 2 CU FT - Single Valve Electronics - SVE Meter

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Whole-House Water Softener - 60 K Grains -

Water Softener is an Ion Exchanger

Hard Water with a high calcium/magnesium content enters the softener through the "in" indicated by the arrows on the valve. It passes through the control valve and in to tank where it goes from top to bottom through a specially prepared resin that "softens" it, the resin consists of specially manufactured beads that have been saturated with sodium ions. Softening occurs as the hardness minerals in the water attach themselves to the resin and are "exchanged" for sodium. The softened water then enters the long enter tube called a riser, via the strainer basket at the bottom of the tank and passes upwards through the riser. Then water exits the softener via the control valve "out" and is send to the desired location.

When the resin becomes saturated by hardness minerals, the softener automatically goes into regeneration. The regeneration process is initiated by a timer or a meter depending on the type of softener. By this process the hardness are washed down the drain and resin bed is rinsed, resettled and recharges with sodium, it is now ready to soften your water. The regeneration process is accomplished by passing very salty water from the brine tank through the resin. The brine tank must remain filled softener salt at all times so that it can re-generated the softening resin.

If your feed water is chlorinated a Carbon Pre Filter is recommended. Sediment Pre-Filter is also recommended. For good quality drinking/cooking water a reverse osmosis water filter system is recommended (under kitchen sink).


  • Valve Body Material:NORYL
  • I/O:1"
  • Regen Cycle Position:6


  • INJECTOR MODEL NUMBER S015,025,100,200 and 400 to use from 0.5ft3 to 4.0 ft3 of resin
  • BACKWASH FLOW CONTROLLER 1.0,1.3,1.5,1.7,2.2,4.0,5.0,7.0
  • REFILL FLOW CONTROLLER:0.125,0.25,0.5,1.0 gpm


  • Service (gpm at 15 psi drop):19.5gpm(4.4m3/h)
  • Service Cv:5.0
  • Backwash(gpm at 25 psi drop):7.0
  • Backwash Cv:1.4


  • Regeneration:Downflow
  • Programming:All positions can be programmed


  • Meter Accuracy:0.75GPM/-5%
  • Meter Display Range:0-9,999Mins


Riser,OD 1.05"
Drain 1/2"
Brine 3/8"
Base 2.5"
Valve height(Valve top ank top) 7.3"

Fits regular FRP / Mineral tank 2.5 opening.


1252 Resin Tank - 12"x52"

Softener Resin CT100 - 2 CU FT


Distributor Assy & Baskets

SVE Electronic Meter Valve - 110V

1" Connection

By-Pass Valve

Brine Tank 18" x 33"