Whole House Water Softener & Conditioner With KDF 55 Media Guard 32K

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Whole House Water Softener & Conditioner With KDF55 Media Guard consistently superior KDF55 medium is a economical pretreatment unit which is able to turn your water softener in to a high performance water filtration system by by reducing chlorine, heavy metals and inhibits bacteria growth from water without adding chemicals. KDF 55 eliminates the need for a carbon filter. KDF 55 & KDF 85 process media can remove up to 99% of water soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium,chlorine and Hydrogen Sulfide and other dissolved metals. All KDF process media forms are effective in controlling the buildup of bacteria, algae, fungi and scale, make the ideal for use in GAC beds, ion exchange resins, carbon block filters and inline carbon filters. 

Where KDF Media are used, they can eliminate the need for costly and sometimes harmful chemical treatments. KDF Fluid Treatment - kdfft.com is a technological leader in  the fluid treatment industry. KDF process media are high purity copper-zinc formulations used in pre treatment, primary treatment and waste water applications. KDF media supplement or replace existing technologies to extend system life, reduce heavy metals, microorganisms, scale, lower total cost and decrease maintenance.

KDF process media are recyclable and contain no chemical additives. Homes, hospitals, restaurants,municipal water treatment facilities rely on KDF process media to safely reduce or remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and bacteria from water.

MediaGuard KDF 55 is for city municipal water and removes chlorine, heavy metals from water and bacteria static. Good tasting water throughout the whole house. No maintenance needed on mediaguard system.


  • Fleck 5600 Timer Softener Valve
  • Mineral Tank (Color Varies) 9" x 48" 
  • Gravel 10 Lbs
  • Bypass Valve 1"
  • Cation softening Resin 10% Crosslink
  • Brine Tank (Design Varies)
  • Dust Cover
  • Distributor Assembly W/ Upper and Lower Screens
  • 32000 Grains
  • KDF55 Media guard
  • Water Softener is an Ion Exchanger
  • Hard Water with a high calcium/magnesium content enters the softener through the "in" port indicated by the green arrow. It passes through the control valve and in to the tank where it goes from top to bottom through a specially prepared resin that "softens" it, the resin consists of specially manufactured beads that have been saturated with sodium ions. Softening occurs as the hardness minerals in the water attach themselves to the resin and are "exchanged" for sodium. The softened water then enters the long center tube called a riser, via the strainer basket at the bottom of the tank and passes upward through the riser. Then water exits the softener via the control valve and is sent to the desired location.

    When the resin becomes saturated by hardness minerals, the softener automatically goes into re-generation. The re-generation process is initiated by a time or a meter depending on the type of softener. By this process the hardness minerals are washed down the drain and resin bed is rinsed, re-settled and re-charged with sodium, it is now ready again to soften your water. The re-generation process is accomplished by passing very salty water from the brine tank through the resin. The brine tank must remain filled with softener salt at all times so that it can re-generate the softening resin.