Whole House Water Softener & Conditioner With KDF MediaGuard KDF85 - Well Water

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Whole House Water Softener System, Fleck 5600 Softener Control Valve 48K 1.5


System Highlights

• Reduces hardness in the water, and eliminates iron stain, scale, spot build up for the entire home.

• Rated to treat 48,000 Grains of Hardness by removing skin damaging hard minerals like iron and magnesium that clog up the skin pore and cause irritation.

• Premium grade fine mesh resin help treat up to 10 ppm of Iron* to lessen or remove iron stain buildup around shower and sink fixtures. 

• Water Softener is constructed of High strength corrosion resistant fiberglass lined polyethylene tank, durable bypass valve, and premium iron buster grade resin.

• Fine mesh resin permits greater exposed surface area exchange sites resulting in higher kinetics than conventional resin yielding greater *ferrous iron removal while providing the same softening capability.

Water Softener is an Ion Exchanger

Hard Water with a high calcium/magnesium content enters the softener through the "in" port indicated by the green arrow. It passes through the control valve and in to the tank where it goes from top to bottom through a specially prepared resin that "softens" it, the resin consists of specially manufactured beads that have been saturated with sodium ions. Softening occurs as the hardness minerals in the water attach themselves to the resin and are "exchanged" for sodium. The softened water then enters the long center tube called a riser, via the strainer basket at the bottom of the tank and passes upward through the riser. Then water exits the softener via the control valve (Blue Arrow) and is sent to the desired location. When the resin becomes saturated by hardness minerals, the softener automatically goes into regeneration. The re-generation process is initiated by a time or a meter depending on the type of softener. By this process the hardness minerals are washed down the drain and resin bed is rinsed, re-settled and re-charged with sodium, it is now ready again to soften your water. The re-generation process is accomplished by passing very salty water from the brine tank through the resin. The brine tank must remain filled with softener salt at all times so that it can re-generate the softening resin. 

KDF85 Media Guard:

Removes/Reduces iron, Sulfide, Manganese, chemicals, heavy metals. bacteria static. Iron up 10 ppm hydrogen sulfide up to 2 ppm. KDF process media are effective in controlling the build up of bacteria, algae, fungi and scale.


**Hydrogen sulfide concentrations exceeding 7 to 10 ppm can be removed by injecting an oxidizing chemical such as household bleach followed up by filtration. The oxidizing chemical should enter the water upstream from the storage or mixing tank to provide at least 30-45 minutes of contact time between the chemical and water. The length of length of the holding time is a function of the chemical dosage, tank configuration and water temperature. Sulfur particles can then be removed using a sediment filter and the excess chlorine can be removed by activated carbon filtration. 

If test results indicate that bacterial contamination is occurring, shock chlorination or disinfection is the most widely suggested method for initial treatment. Shock chlorination (disinfection) is the one-time introduction of a strong solution into the entire water distribution system (well, pump, distribution pipeline, etc.)

When to Shock Disinfect the Well:

Shock chlorination (disinfection) is recommended when lab results indicate a presence of bacteria upon completion of a new well or after pump replacement or repair, when the distribution system is opened for repairs or maintenance, following contamination by flood water, to control iron and sulfur bacteria.

Shock chlorination (disinfection) is recommended in these circumstances to ensure that bacterial contamination is controlled.


This system should be used where low to moderate ferrous (dissolved) iron or hydrogen sulfide contamination is known. This filter is most effective where hydrogen sulfide levels are less than 2 ppm. Best removal rates are achieved where pH is between 6.5 and 8.5 and where water contains some dissolved oxygen.

• Premium high-efficiency softening fine mesh resin

• Brine tank with salt grid and safety float system

• Bypass Valve 1"

Includes: FRP Tank, Brine Tank, Fleck 5600, Bypass Valve, *Mineral Tanks are shipped out preloaded